Health & Safety

Your safety and well-being is our primary concern

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Health & Safety

These are unprecedented times and we recognise that the current situation required all of us to be more thoughtful in the way we approach our daily activities. Your safety and well-being is our primary concern, and we would like to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to provide an uncompromising level of service, while gaining your trust and confidence.

To reiterate our commitment, we are redefining our hygiene and cleaning protocols. This is approach we are taking to elevate our health, safety and hygiene protocols with stringent measures that ensure a safe environment while you continue to enjoy your time spent with us.

We continue to closely monitor and adapt, thereby prioritising the safety and well-being of our guests and one another.

We look forward to welcoming you and assure you a remarkably safe stay, where caution is the new normal.

Ensuring safety at every stage

  • Protective gear including masks and gloves for all our associates are available to provide a safe environment for our guests
  • EPA approved chemicals that target a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitisation of all surfaces across public areas at regular intervals
  • Rigorous deep cleaning and application of disinfectants in guests rooms
  • Cleaning of all high-touch points like door handles, counter tops, tables and chairs with disinfectant at regular intervals
  • Use of Lodge cars is available for transferring guests to ensure maximum safety
  • Sanitisation and inspection of all cars before and after every transfer
  • A dedicated hygiene manager to ensure that all protocols/measures are strictly followed
  • All of our team are fully vaccinated

Maintaining highest standards of hygiene

  • E-menus that can be viewed by guests on iPads that are regularly sanitised
  • Use of hands sanitisers in the main Lodge, villas and cars
  • Use of PPE for the kitchen team to prevent cross contamination
  • Washing and sanitisation of vegetables, fruits and other produce
  • Preparation of food in small quantities to ensure fresh food is served to the guests
  • Washing of all dishes at 80 degrees Celsius
  • Hygiene training for all the teams

Leveraging technology for a safe stay

  • Paperless Front desk
  • Full access to digital news and e-papers instead of print newspapers

Precautionary measures taken by Azur Lodge with regards to COVID-19.

To ensure a comfortable and safe environment for our guests and employees, Azur Lodge follows official information from the New Zealand Government, and in accordance with the World Health Organization, has implemented the following measures.

Common Areas

  • Use of high performance deep cleaning process in all common guest and employee areas using a variety of high end products from well-known provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions for the hospitality industry.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available in all guest areas
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all computer equipment such as business centre, front desk, reception and public bathrooms
  • Guests are also asked to sign in with a QR code displayed in the reception area


  • Our kitchen utensils are washed and disinfected thoroughly with the high end products
  • Operational kitchen must be sanitized at regular intervals
  • Proper cleaning of vegetables, meats and all other materials that are required in the kitchen: use approved sanitizing after each use
  • All tools must get sanitized after each use


  • Private airport transfers
  • All cars disinfected on each vehicle for our guests after every arrival
  • Hand sanitiser available in every vehicle

Guest Rooms

  • All villas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using high end product solutions after each check out
  • All bed linen and towels will be changed every 2nd day and washed in high temperature
  • Disinfection of high touch items such as door handles, switches, phones, remote controls, mini bar, pens, iPads etc.
  • Personal hand sanitizers will be placed in all villas for guests’ use during their stay
  • Mobile massage – operating procedures on file

Strict hygiene for all Employees

  • All employees receive training on Covid-19 safety and sanitation protocols
  • Employees showing symptoms of any illness will not be allowed to enter the resort
  • Shifts must be staggered to avoid staff room crowding

Receiving Tools

  • Date tag receiving goods before taking them inside the storeroom, details all recorded including temperature of meat & fish.
  • Vendors are advised on how we accept goods and how their staff must arrive with necessary protective gear

We’re ready to welcome you for a remarkably safe stay, where caution is the new normal.

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